Long Term Support for
Ruby on Rails 3.2 and Rails 2.3

Rails 4.2 LTS coming soon
Rails LTS provides security patches for old versions of Ruby on Rails.

Top reasons to use Rails LTS

Prevent liability
Security vulnerabilities for Rails are disclosed multiple times each year. Prevent data breaches and liability with continuous security upgrades from Rails LTS.
Upgrade at your own pace
Upgrading Ruby on Rails is an expensive rat race. With Rails LTS you can upgrade whenever it fits your roadmap. Or stay on your version forever.
100% compatibility
Rails LTS is a drop-in replacement for Ruby on Rails and requires little to no changes to your application code. See system requirements.
Hardened defaults
Rails LTS ships with optional security features that we believe to be reasonable defaults for increased security in most applications.
Works with Ruby 1 and 2
You can use Rails LTS with both Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 2.3. Typical web apps see a 2x to 4x performance boost by switching from Ruby 1.8.7 to Ruby 2.3.
Proven track record
We have been maintaining old versions of Rails since 2012. We are profitable and not dependent on VC funding.

How it works

After a few years of service, old versions of the Ruby on Rails framework reach end-of-life. At this point the volunteer team that maintains Rails will no longer provide security patches against criticial security incidents.

When community support for a popular version of Rails ends, Rails LTS takes over maintenance and continues to provide security patches. When a new advisory is posted to the official Rails security list, we will patch the vulnerability and release a new version of the Rails LTS gems.


Plans & Pricing

Rails 3.2 patches
Rails 2.3 patches
2 applications
Self-help integration
€150 / month
approx. $169 / month
Rails 3.2 patches
Rails 2.3 patches
unlimited applications
Self-help integration
€400 / month
approx. $452 / month
Rails 3.2 patches
Rails 2.3 patches
unlimited applications
Assistance for integration
€750 / month
approx. $847 / month
We also offer free Rails 2.3 support with some restrictions.
Do you need us to maintain a custom version of Rails? Contact us.

About us

We are makandra, a team of veteran Rails developers and operations engineers.

You might know us from our guides on makandra cards or from our book Growing Rails Applications in Practice.

makandra is responsible for maintaining around 50 Rails applications, some of which are as old as 2007. In order to shield our customers from exploits, we've been maintaining private forks of older Rails versions for many years. These forks eventually became Rails LTS.

Rails LTS is a service provided by makandra GmbH.
Rails LTS is not affiliated with the Rails core team or Basecamp.
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