Long Term Support for
Ruby on Rails 2.3, 3.2, 4.2, and 5.2

including support for Ruby 3.3
Rails LTS provides security updates for non-supported versions of Ruby on Rails.

Top reasons to use Rails LTS

Prevent security issues
Vulnerabilities for Rails are disclosed multiple times a year.
We maintain old versions of Rails that are no longer community supported to protect your application from security breaches.
Upgrade on your own schedule
Having to rebuild your legacy code because your version of Rails has gone end-of-life?
With Rails LTS you are free to upgrade whenever it fits your roadmap. Or stay on our secure, long-term-supported version of Rails forever.
100% compatibility
Rails LTS is a drop-in replacement for Ruby on Rails and requires little to no changes to your application code.
Works with modern Ruby versions
All Rails LTS releases work on the original Ruby versions, but also on Ruby 2.7, 3.1, and 3.3.
Read about the advantages and caveats of upgrading to a modern Ruby.

How it works

After a few years of service, old versions of the Ruby on Rails framework reach end-of-life (EOL). At this point the volunteer team of the Rails community that supports and maintains Rails will no longer provide security updates against critical security vulnerabilities.

Once community support for a popular version of Rails ends, Rails LTS takes over maintenance and continues to provide security patches. When a new advisory is posted to the official Rails security list or reported to us directly, we will patch the vulnerability and release a new version of the Rails LTS gems.

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Plans & Pricing

Rails 2.3 patches
Rails 3.2 patches
Rails 4.2 patches
Rails 5.2 patches
Rack patches
2 applications
Payment by credit card
€180 / month
approx. $194 / month
Rails 2.3 patches
Rails 3.2 patches
Rails 4.2 patches
Rails 5.2 patches
Rack patches
8 applications
Multiple payment options
€480 / month
approx. $518 / month
Rails 2.3 patches
Rails 3.2 patches
Rails 4.2 patches
Rails 5.2 patches
Rack patches
20 applications
Multiple payment options
Assistance for integration
€900 / month
approx. $972 / month
We also offer free Rails 2.3 support with some restrictions.
Do you need us to maintain a custom version of Rails? Contact us.

Frequently asked questions

When will Rails LTS itself go end of life?

There is no planned EOL for any versions of Rails LTS. If we were ito discontinue any versions, we would give advance warning of at least a year.

Who are the people behind Rails LTS?

We are makandra, a team of veteran Rails developers and operations engineers. You might know us from our guides on makandra cards.

makandra is profitable and not dependent on VC funding. We currently maintain about 50 Rails applications, some of which are as old as 2007, and many of them running Rails LTS.

Why did we create Rails LTS?

When the Rails core team stopped supporting Rails 2 back in 2013, we still had plenty of applications running on Rails 2.3, but many of them not under active feature development. Instead of upgrading, we decided to fork Rails and started patching known security vulnerabilities. This fork eventually became Rails LTS.

What are the System Requirements for Rails LTS?

Click here to see our system requirements.

Where do I get an upgrade guide for Rails LTS?

Please refer to our documentation for more information.

Do I have to upgrade from my Rails versions eventually?

When maintaining a legacy Rails application, it's important to stay on a supported version. Rails LTS gives you the freedom to upgrade whenever you want, or stay on your old version indefinitely. We have no current plan to end support for any of our Rails LTS versions.

What happens when Rails 8 gets released?

The Rails community usually provides support for the latest two major versions. As soon as Rails 8 is released, Rails version 6 will reach end-of-life (EOL), after which Rails 6 applications will no longer be secured against security breaches. Our plan is to release Rails 6.1 LTS before this point, so you can stay on Rails 6.1.

Can you give me some advice before purchasing a plan?

Please contact us in case you need additional information or support.

How can I secure my old Rails version even more?

Rails LTS ships with some optional security features you can enable.

Rails LTS is a service provided by makandra GmbH.
Rails LTS is not affiliated with the Rails core team or Basecamp.
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